The United States Replica Gun Company
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Many of our items are Shipped "Free of Charge". When we do charge for shipping, our rates are comparable to shipping rates from 30 years ago. Why do we do this?.........Well,....How many times have you ordered off the internet, and after you enter all of personal and credit card information, you are directed to the order confirmation screen where only then are the outrageous shipping and handling charges revealed? Handling charge? Really? We will NEVER hit you with some phony baloney handling charge. At the US Replica Gun Company, we want our website to be devoid of all the things that irritate us when shopping online. For Example: Clicking on a thumbnail to enlarge the image, and the "Enlarged image" is the same size as the thumbnail. I hate that.  How about ordering a ten dollar item, then having to pay 10 dollars in shipping. It frustrates us, so we don't do it to you.

           If you are an international customer, then of course, we cannot offer free shipping on your items. International shipping rates have been pretty constant the past few years. 3 pounds (1.5 Kilo) ships pretty much anywhere in the world for 64USD. A rifle will cost about 87USD. This is shipping USPS Priority International.  UPS, Fed-Ex, and DHL are about twice that cost. We will ship anyway you are willing to pay for, but USPS Priority International/EMS has been a very reliable service to us for many years....ALL AUSTRALIAN ORDERS MUST SHIP UPS...WE CAN'T SEND THEM USPS!!!...For Australian Ordering info, Click HERE:

            Bottom Line:  We try to keep shipping as low as possible.  We don't like to overpay for shipping, and we're pretty sure you feel the same way.  We even offer (For an additional fee) direct delivery of your order within a 99 Mile Radius of Allentown Pennsylvania....Look for our distinctive delivery vehicle.