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Most Replica Guns can be legally imported into Australia, with an approved B709A form.  However, Australian Laws change all the time, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL CONSTABULARY BEFORE ORDERING:  Below is an example of the "B709A" form.  NOTE: Our M4 Rifles CAN be imported, but they are so realistic, they require a "B709D"!


Can Blank Firing Only Non-Guns (BFONG's) be shipped to Australia?  Yes, but it's difficult.....This is the info we got straight from Australian Customs:

Printed below is the email response Australian Customs sent us in regards to a query about shipping BFONG's Down Under

Dear US Replica Gun Co.,

Thank you for contacting Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

To import an Imitation Firearm into Australia you need to obtain Police Certification (B709A for a rifle and a B709D for a handgun). Please refer to the fact sheet as follows:

Blank-fire firearms will also require a B709D to import. They are treated in the same manner as a firearm.

Please also find the contact sheet for the state police who you need to contact to obtain the permit:
There is a webpage on the Customs site that lists all the requirements for importing firearms and weapons:

I hope this information helps and please do not hesitate to contact us back if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

Melinda B.

Customs Officer | Customs Information & Support Centre
Trade Branch | Trade & Customs Division
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
P: 1300 363 263

Help protect Australia's border. Report suspicious behaviour to Customs Watch 1800 06 1800

Important: The advice in this e-mail is for information only and is not binding on Customs and Border Protection as there may be insufficient information on which to base a decision. If this item is imported, the Customs Officer and the Customs and Border Protection Office that receives the item for clearance will make the decision as to whether or not the requirements of the Regulations are satisfied.

So what this means, that even if it's legal, a customs agent who just doesn't like the product can reject it...WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SHIPMENT HELD OR SEIZED BY CUSTOMS, AND WE WILL NOT KNOWINGLY SHIP ITEMS TO AUSTRALIA WITHOUT THE CORRECT IMPORT APPROVAL DOCUMENTS.  SO PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND, and bear with us.  We want you to have these products, but it does neither of us any good to have items hung up, or rejected by Customs.

Some Links for the Rules Governing the Importation of Imitation Firearms to Australia: