The United States Replica Gun Company
P.O. Box 301 Palmerton, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 18071

About Us:


          Thanks for stopping by!..The United States Replica Gun Company (RGC for Short) is a company run by Replica Weapon Collectors FOR Replica Weapon Collectors.  Our Replica Gun knowledge dates back to 1969.  Our Friendly staff can help you with most anything replica gun related, and we look forward to doing so!  Since we are also collectors, like yourselves, we love these guns as much as you do. They will NEVER be just "Product" to us.  All of our guys are "Gun Guys", so we speak your language, and can assist you like no-one else can.

          RGC also happens to be the only replica gun company with a complete and modern shop.  We can custom build many items for you, and we stock some unique custom items in our on-line catalog.  Many of these items are built because we, as collectors, want them. If WE want them, chances are there are others who do as well.....So,  maybe we can build your dream gun, or just tweak an off the shelf gun to suit your needs and desires. Whatever you choose, you'll love our replica guns. Remember, If you don't see what you want, shoot us an email...We just might have it. Thanks again for visiting RGC, never hesitate to ask us anything, we're here when you need us.....