The United States Replica Gun Company
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Our Clients:

The United States Replica Gun Company Serves the Replica Gun Collector Community, WWII and Wild West Re-enactors, Museums, TV/Movie Production Companies, Theaters, and the United States Military. We, "Provide with pride", High Quality and Custom Replica Guns and Explosives.  We're here when you need us.  Give us a call, we speak your language.



RGC M4 Rifles In Service with the US Air Force

Various Military Branches

The United States Army 

The United States Air Force 

The United States Marines 

The United States Navy

The U.S. Federal Reserve Police Force

Several US Defence Dept. Contractors

Australian Defense Force (ADF) 

Many Active Duty and Retired Military

Display/Honor/Presentation Plaques


WWII Re-Enacting Units Around the US,

and Several Overseas Including:


Numerous WWII U.S./German Units

506th PIR Poland,

9th SS Panzer Division Russia,



The History Channel, & the Military History Channel

Boardwalk Empire Season Two, Episode IV


Various Film/TV Productions Including



Boardwalk Empire

The Devils Rock

Iron Sky

Big Trouble

The A-Team

The Expendables I and III

The Dragon Con Armoury

Maze Runner II: The Scorch Trials

Law and Order SVU

Money Monster

Hacksaw Ridge

Going in Style (2107)

The Irishman (DeNiro/Pacino TBR 2019)

Various Museums Including:

The Museum of Art Design, New York, USA

The Mob (Organized Crime) Museum, Nevada, USA

The Nisei WWII 442nd Museum, California, USA

The Holocaust Museum, Texas, USA

Cabela's, Nebraska, USA

Pictured at Right: Replica Dynamite at the MOB Museum in Las Vegas


***A Trio of Custom Guns made for the Nisei Veterans Memorial Museum


***Note:   Three of the Veterans Signitures on the Buttstock of this Thompson, are recipients of the Medal of Honor. It was an honor for us to be asked to build this functioning bolt and trigger M1A1 for them.  Three Cheers for the 442nd Division. "Go For Broke!"


Typical Custom Made Presentation Plaque for Military Appreciation/Retirement gift.