The United States Replica Gun Company
P.O. Box 301 Palmerton, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 18071

Basic Product Information:

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          Any Other Questions, try the LEGAL STUFF Page....yeah, we know it's boring, but it is suggested reading for the legalities of our items....

The Basic Product Catagories and Info:

Hey, What kind of a replica gun is that????....Is that model a blank firing gun?...It can be confusing, and we get that question all the time....So, we have made our products easy to identify through our catalog numbers.    All you need do is read the catalog number prefix, and it'll tell you whether it's a replica or a blank gun, and what kind.

If there is an "R" in the SKU, it's a Replica.  If there is a "B" in the SKU, it's a Blank Gun.  If there is a "C"  in the SKU, then it's an RGC Exlusive Custom Gun, available nowhere else but right here!....So, for Example: "CBG-099L" Would be a Custom Blank Firing Gun.....and "MRG-001" would be a Modern or Military Replica Gun

Some of our Catalog Number Prefix's:

CRG = Custom Replica Gun (RGC Exclusive Custom Replica Guns)

CBG = Custom Blank Gun  (RGC Exclusive Custom Blank Guns)

MRG = Modern Replica Gun/Military Replica Gun  (Modern, and Military Replicas from 1898 to the Present)

MBG = Modern Blank Gun/Military Blank Gun  (Modern, and Military Blank Guns from 1898 to Present)

WRG = Western Replica Gun  (Replica Guns of the Wild West, and Civil War Era, generally pre-1898)

WBG = Western Blank Gun  (Blank Guns of the Wild West, and Civil War Era, generally pre-1898)

ARG = Antique Replica Gun  (Pre-Civil War Era Replica Guns)

EXP = Replica Explosives (All types of Replica or Inert Explosives, modern or antique)

BFA = Blank Firing Ammo (All calibers and types)

BGM = Blank Gun Magazine(All types of Blank Gun Mags)

RGM = Replica Gun Magazine(All types of Replica Gun Mags)

HOL = Holsters (Modern and Western)

ACC = Assessories (All types)