The United States Replica Gun Company
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Your Actual UPS Driver may or may not look like this one.


Eyes over here please!....We ship via the United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express, and UPS.  Since we dramatically undercharge for shipping, we will choose the most cost effective method.  Why do we undercharge? Because we don't like getting gouged on shipping when we order off the Internet, and we're not going to do the same to you. We will never put the bite on you for a bogus "Handling" charge either.  We like to think it's a pleasant surprise when our customers find our shipping charges, as they are comparable to shipping rates from 1970. Our preferred method of shipping is (Obviously) UPS.

     Any item in the catalog with a "C" in the product SKU is a custom item. Custom Items can take 2-5 weeks to get built depending on the shop schedule, and how many other custom orders are before you. So, like 1970, when you sent in your check or Money Order, Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Can we do rush jobs? You bet. Give us a jingle, and we can tell you straight away what the shop schedule looks like, and how long your order will take.....

     **PLEASE NOTE: The current process for Custom orders is thus: When we receive a custom order, the shipping label gets printed immediately, and sent to the shop with the build instructions......The Tracking number is then auto sent to you. If the item doesn’t get built for let's say 2 weeks, and you check the tracking number at, or or, what you will see is a message to the effect of: "The shipping label has been generated, but has not been received by (UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex)"   This does not mean your parcel is lost, just waiting to be built and shipped. No worries. Printing the shipping label, especially for overseas orders is an expensive commitment for us. We're all gun guys here, not computer guys, but we're trying to find a better system. Until then, we're stuck with what we have.