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There are 6 basic types of faux firearms: We carry most types, and try to use the best of each category. While each category is unique, it would not be improper to refer to any of them as “Replica Guns”.

BFONG's:  No, we are not making this up....."BFONG" stands for Blank Firing Only Non-Gun.  BFONG's Are guns that usually fire one of three types of blanks: 8mm; 9mm; and .380; or 9mmR which is essentially a .38 super short blank.  All of these are VERY VERY LOUD and function like their real counterparts.  There are classified Non-Guns by the BATFE because they can neither chamber nor fire real ammunition, and can never be converted to do so....regardless of what some people think....These guns are generally made from quality alloys, gun grade polymers and low grade steel, and are good solid replicas. They will all have working actions, and in most cases safeties just like the real ones. Since they are made to function reliably with blanks, they need to be made sturdy.  Good for collectors, and movie production companies.

DUMMY GUNS:  These are guns built from de-milled parts kits on a dummy (Usually Solid) receiver, or a re-welded receiver. These guns generally have no moving parts except removable mags if applicable, and moving triggers. Federal laws precisely dictate how these must be made, but essentially, the barrel must be fixed to the receiver, the receiver can’t be easily converted, and the dummy gun can neither chamber live ammo, nor be able to accept a real bolt.

DEMILLED GUNS:  The same as a dummy gun, but with a few subtle differences. Instead of a gun made from a parts kit, De-milled guns start out as real guns, and (Typically) torch cut receivers. With a De-milled gun, generally you get a real re-welded receiver, and all of the numbers match. Visually, a De-milled gun is not much different from a dummy gun.

REPLICA MODELS:  Or Replica Guns, these are made from the ground up as replicas and will not accept any parts from their real counterparts. Typically these guns have working actions, and removable magazines. This is the most popular category, as it’s not dependent on the ebb and flow of parts kit availability.

DECORATOR MODELS: Generally we don’t carry these, save for a few exceptions. A decorator model is an item that looks like a gun, but without a working action, or in some cases, a reliable working action. These guns are good for wall hangers, and throw-down guns for the entertainment industry. A decorator model type gun is also good for practicing Fast Draw techniques, to use as holster molds, etc. Generally speaking though, these types of replica guns are not for the die-hard replica gun collector. Essentially a decorator model is just a cheap, or less than excellent replica. That being said, many fellas do cover their walls with these.

PFC GUNS:  "PFC" stands for Plug Fire Cap. We do not carry PFC guns.  These guns are typically made from plastic, and are sometimes available in kit form. They are guns that cycle 1, 2, 3, or 4-piece brass “Shells” that are loaded individually with caps that fire and cycle the action. These "Caps" use a type of powder/propellant that is corrosive to both metal and plastic. They require much cleaning and vigilant maintenance. They are also very "Quiet" compared to a real blank firing only non- gun (BFONG). Sometimes these are called "Blank Guns" by less than knowledgeable (Or Honest) dealers, but blank gun, when referred to PFC, is a misnomer, and in point of fact, a gross overstatement. A PFC gun is not a true blank gun. It's not even close, and for many people do not provide enough satisfaction, if used as intended, to justify the maintenance. They are also in general, "Jam Prone". Many collectors never fire their PFC guns. Many collectors enjoy these replicas, and PFC guns enjoy almost a cult status among replica gun collectors.

**AIRSOFT GUNS: Technically not a replica gun, Airsoft guns are guns that fire small plastic pellets, usually 6mm, but up to 8mm. Originally developed in Japan in the 1980’s to be compatible with new Japanese laws regarding replicas, these guns are made from either plastic or metal, and fire their projectiles with either spring, electric, or gas power. These guns aren’t as powerful (Or as dangerous) as the BB guns many of us are familiar with. Generally speaking, Airsoft guns are VERY good replicas of the firearms they imitate, and while they could be classed along with BB guns, because they do fire a projectile, most of them are far better replicas than a typical BB gun, and far less lethal than our old Daisy's. So that kinda-sorta puts them in a class by themselves. The All-metal Airsoft guns are particularly nice, and make fine additions to anyone’s replica gun collection.



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