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Punt Gun Page


Recently, RGC was contracted to build a replica Punt Gun....What is a Punt Gun you ask?....A Punt Gun is essentially a large percussion shotgun used to commercially harvest ducks and geese.  Legislated out of existence in 1918, these guns were used to blast sitting ducks, and get a whole passel of them in one shot.  They were mounted to the decks of small flat bottom boats called "Punts" and to aim the gun, you "Aimed" the boat.....Sometimes singly, sometimes multi barreled guns were employed, and sometimes "Fleets" of up to ten Punt Boats were used. The bottom line is they are very rare and very large.  The one we built is 11 foot three inches long....See Pics Below.

Picture taken...We are Guessing around 1917....Probably Washington DC, during the legislation that made these guns obsolete....

Scale: The Fella mid gun is about five foot six.




RGC Replica Punt Gun, Steel and wood, taken December 2014

Scale: The Fella at the Muzzle is Six Foot Three