The United States Replica Gun Company
P.O. Box 301 Palmerton, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 18071




The United States Replica Gun Company has the capacity, and cares enough to offer build custom services. The Design Studio and Build Shop of RGC's "Custom Factory" are both modern and complete.....Would you like your gun weathered to look like it has light holster wear, or maybe you want your MP-40 to look like a battlefield veteran. Whatever look you prefer, it's not a problem. Do you want a gun you don't see? Send us an email. Maybe we have it, or can build it for you. We are very proud of our capabilities, and are happy to assist our fellow collectors in any way we can.


The "Ron Swanson" Desk Shotgun, from the TV Show "Parks and Recreation"

The "I SPY" P-38, from the groundbreaking 1960's TV Show "I SPY"

The "Rio Lobo" 58 Remington/Peacemaker, A Replica of the Black Powder Mockup used by the Studio

The 1989 Batman "Joker" Gun

The Colt New Service Revolver

The Colt 1917 Revolver

The Smith and Wesson Victory Revolver

M1A1 Replica with Working Bolt and Trigger

The BD-3008, a German late war last ditch STEN gun copy

The Indiana Jones "Cairo Gun" As used in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

German WWII K-98 Sniper Rifle

The Delisle Carbine.....Coming soon!

The Browning 1918 BAR

A Custom Case for YOUR Replica Gun...

Parkerizing FInish for YOUR Replica Gun...

Custom Wood Grips for YOUR Replica Gun...

Barrel or Bolt Polishing for YOUR Replica Gun...

A Custom Replica Silencer for YOUR Replica Gun...

Added Weight (For 100% Correct Feel and Balance) for YOUR Replica Gun...

Custom Weathering (You tell us how much) for YOUR Replica Gun...

Etc. Etc. Etc....Whatever you think up, call us or send us an email, we'll talk.  No Worries, our prices are not stupid.


..........Okedoke, this is the deal with our custom guns...send us an email, and we will give you a realistic time frame for the build.  Can we do Rush Jobs?  Most of the time, yes we can..........

Not too Much we can't do with our M4 Replicas