The United States Replica Gun Company
P.O. Box 301 Palmerton, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 18071

Business Hours:

        Dial: (484)-894-9529

 We can be reached during the following hours: 

Monday through Thursday, 9:00AM through 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

We are closed: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

***CLOSED FOR THE Month of Aprio 2024:

***We will close For the Entire Month of April, 2024....Don't call, Don't email, Don't ask for a Special Exception.  There will be none.  Any order placed Before the 30th of March will be filled.  After that, not until May Day  

- G. Vincent

We are also Closed: 


New Year’s Day    (Fun Fact:  Actual birthday of Paul Revere,  Betsy Ross,  and  John Garand)

Martin Luther King Day

Presidents’ Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Armed Forces Day

Memorial Day

1 week in Early June  ( WWII WEEKEND IN READING PA)

Independence Day

Labor Day

October 28th   (Battle on Milvian Bridge.  October 28th, 312AD. Sort of the legal birthday of Christianity's legality..Google it)


Veterans Day 

November 5th, (Guy Fawkes Day)

Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday

December 7th (No Explanation Needed)

DECEMBER 12th-January 2nd (Approximate)

December 25th, Christmas Day

December 26th, Boxing Day

****We typically close for the LAST TWO WEEKS IN DECEMBER, and for a week in June, coinciding with the WWII Weekend in Reading PA.  Dates change year to year, but the reenactment is always as close to D-Day as the calendar permits.  Is it worth the trip?   We think So.  It's the largest WWII Gathering in the Nation.  It's a wonderful time for all....It's so good, we're going to advertise it right here for free!