The United States Replica Gun Company
P.O. Box 301 Palmerton, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 18071

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are your Guns Plastic?

A: Generally speaking no.  RGC does not like Plastic! However, some movie guns that need to be super cheap will be either constructed of plastic or resin.  These guns are restricted to our "Resin" page, or notated as "Resin".  The material of our guns is never disguised, but 98% of everything we have is all metal.

Q: Do you guys sell Front Venting Blank Guns?

A: YES!!!!  Up until June 2015, we could not legally sell them.  These have recently been redesigned to conform with US Import Laws, so we can now sell Front Venting Blank Guns!!  We even have a website devoted strictly to them!  which will be active by September 2015!

Q: Are any of your guns PFC (Plug Fire Cap) guns?

A: Right now, no.  PFC guns are guns that cycle 1, 2, or 3 piece brass shells that are loaded individually with caps that fire and cycle the action.  These "Caps" use a type of powder/propellant that is corrosive to both metal and plastic.  They require much cleaning and vigilant maintenance.  They are also very "Quiet" compared to a real blank firing only gun.  Sometimes these are called "Blank guns" but that is a misnomer. A PFC gun is not a true blank gun, not even close, and does not provide enough satisfaction, if used as intended, to justify the maintenance.  They are also in general, "Jam Prone".  That's why RGC will always try to avoid these guns.

Q: I just bought a Thompson.  Can I get an extra Drum mag for it?

A: Yes, we also have extra 20 and 30 round magazines.

Q: How fast will I get my Order, and how do you ship?

A: We generally ship within 48 hours, unless you order a custom gun or Service.  Custom Guns generally take no more than 5 days, (Unless we need to wait for parts) with many shipping same day. We ship UPS, USPS or Priority insured. It generally takes from 4 to 8 days.

Q: How much do you have in stock right now? How much at any given time?

A:  RGC has Thousands of guns in the warehouse at any given time.

Q: I saw a gun you carry cheaper on another website.  Will you match the price?

A:  We can generally match a lower advertised price, so please, give us a call....However, Our Shipping Rates are much lower than other companies, so check that first.

Q: I am making a small Western Short Film/Commercial.  Can you assist us in selecting period appropriate firearms, and can you help our Actors learn how to do tricks with and handle a Cowboy Six-shooter?

A: Yes, we have folks on staff who can offer insight into proper firearm selection, as well as weapons experts who can train any actor to handle his onscreen weapon. We can also train in trick pistol handling, fast-draw techniques, and the best ways to carry firearms on horseback, and holstered.

Q: I am a WWII re-enactor.  Can you give our squad a group discount?

A: Yes, the Management at RGC are Amateur World War II and Wild West Historians.  We enjoy helping the re-enacting community in any way possible.  It's one of the reasons we are constantly seeking new weapons, and building custom replicas for WWII era and Wild West Impressions.  Give us a call; we would love to chat with you.

Q: I live outside the US.  Can you ship your items to me?

A: Yes, As long as we don't know the item ISN'T illegal in your country.  Always check local laws before ordering. Go to "The Legal Stuff" tab at the top of the page, and click on the drop-down menu for more details on International Orders.

Q: Do you guys ever sell on eBay or Amazon?

A: Yes, and no.  We sell on eBay occasionally, but not on Amazon......look for us on as well....Don't be surprised if our prices are higher on eBay, thier commissions ore horrific!

Q: I read that some brands of blanks won't work with some guns. Will your Blank firing Ammo work in a gun I got from another seller?

A: Yes, of course....What you probably read was this:

".......Because of the world-wide shortage of ammunition, new suppliers have entered the marketplace offering sub-standard blank ammo. This ammo is to our guns what watered down gasoline is to a vehicle. The auto will run but will not perform optimally. XXXXXXX Corporation will no longer guarantee the operation of their blank firing firearms when ammunition other than that purchased...."

The above statement on the XXXXXXX website is designed to "Scare" you into buying from XXXXXXX Corporation at inflated's a shameless load of nonsense.  Remember, if you ever have any questions, call us.  We're gun guys, and Replica Gun Collectors and the items in our catalog aren't just "Product" to us.  We love them as much as you do, we have the correct information, and as fellow collectors, we are happy to share.

Q: Is the United States Replica Gun Co. part of Keystone Arsenal Replicas?

A: Yes and no.  In 2012, Keystone Arsenal Replicas (KAR) withdrew from the sales to the general public, choosing to focus on wholesale and government contracts.  At that time, The U.S. Replica Gun Company purchased half of KAR.  As of June 2015, RGC has purchased the remainder of KAR, and will be re-opening the KAR site. The web home for KAR,, will be a full upgraded and modern website, but with a familiar look, and tied directly in with our flagship store