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The NEW!  -ALL STEEL-  M2 Browning Machine Gun from U.S. RGC

In Stock Now!!!!!  NO WAITING!!

Our New All Steel Browning M2 Heavy Barrel Machine Gun from RGC is the .50 Caliber our re-enactor friends, and Government contractors have been looking for for years.  Up until RIGHT NOW, there have been 5 choices for a .50 Cal HB, all a compromise. We knew there was a better way to build these guns, and as collectors and weapons enthusiasts ourselves, we decided to build it. To be fair, and without mentioning any names, we will outline your current M2 choices. We will explain the differences in the 5 choices; thier drawbacks, and attributes.

Choice One: A Solid Resin Version of the Venerable M2....Cheap, no moving parts. All resin.  Resin is like Fiberglas without the glass.  This gun is inexpensive, maybe 350USD, but up close it doesn't look good.  It cracks if you look at it funny, but worst of all it has NO MOVING PARTS, and will not hold a belt.

Choice Two: An all alloy version available for many years.  Great detail, cost over $2000 including shipping, Not suitable for dura coat.  The alloy is super soft (Think Solder) and will quickly melt in the coating process.  So you're stuck with a cheap spray paint finish, a gun that will crack if mounted to a truck and subject to even minimal vibration, and one that will melt if yoiu try and duracoat it! Still, it's a good looking gun up close.  NO MOVING PARTS, except for the top cover.  To add insult to injury, you pay your 2,000 dollars, and wait for 4 months for delivery.  They build them one at a time, and the lead time is 16 weeks....We won't mention any names..Cough cough, IRAC, cough...

Choice Three: An all steel version, that is crudely manufactured, one at a time, with limited availablity.  Strong enough for mounting on a truck, can be duracoated or parkerized if you choose, and cost about 1300.00 USD.  The barrel is welded in place, and doesn't break down for transport. NO MOVING PARTS, except for the top cover. It feels substantial, but looks cheesy up close....Just a crude gun, and the maker admits it himself....His Own Words: "My Gun is cheap, and crude" ...So,,,Choice Three is, in a word, Sub-Par.

Choice Four: A sheet metal and plastic version.  Cheap, flimsy, and in general....terrible, not even worth mentioning, but it is a fifty replica, so it gets a mention. NO MOVING PARTS.

Choice Five: A perfect replica made by a real weapon manufacturer.  All Steel, Great Detail, many removable and moving parts.  Essentially a REAL M2 Browning, made as a dummy gun.  This is the Best Replica M2 Money can buy...period.  Better than ours?, Absolutely!!....The only downside is the cost......It's 17,000.00 USD.  Yes, you read that right. Seventeen Thousand United States Greenback Dollars!  An awesome gun, but not practical due the unit cost....As far as we know, they have never sold even one..NO MOVING PARTS, except for the Top Cover.

NOW!...Choice Number Six!:  OUR NEW GUN!  Cost: about 1499.00 USD. All Steel, Great Detail, Moving spring loaded charging handle AND Trigger!!  We will be making these in quantity, so there is no waiting/back orders. Our Goal is to keep 40 on the shelf at all times to IMMEDIATELY satisfy DoD Orders.  The steel is a robust 3/16th , and with details like the correct wings on the top cover, and castle nuts on the reciever, the gun will look amazingly detailed, be strong enough for motor vehicle mounting, and won't break your bank.....Check out the pics of the prototype, and a brief history of the guns 2 year developement below.......

Okedoke, Plans were first set forth for this gun in 2014....We approached a skilled Metal Craftsman to cut our metal, and weld up a new All Steel Fifty Caliber Replica that would beat them all.   We succeded.  Below is a picture of the first Reciever, known here as Prototype "A"...Already you can see the detail, and the thickness of the American Steel used....Yes, that's 3/16th...


Prototype "B" (Pictured Below) was the first production model of our new fifty caliber, and it was a great hit!  The Charging Handle would slide, but was not spring loaded, and the interior detail was excellent, although no extractor.


Prototype "C" Pictured Below, featured improved details in the interior, the addition of an extractor to hold dummy ammo, barrel and muzzle design improvements, and a spring loaded 2-stage charging Handle...Pawl Brackets and Bullet Stops were also added.....This Model was EXCELLENT, AMAZING!, and to be our final production model......Well,.... That's what we thought.....Halfway through production on the Prototype "C" version we switched to a new barrel support design. Opening the holes from one inch to 1.25 inches and adjusting the spacing rearward accordingly....The Series "C" gun pictured below features the early small hole design...



PICTURED BELOW IS OUR NEW MODEL, PROTOTYPE "G"........A re-design of some of the visual aspects of the gun include: A streamlined more correct Buffer Tube, a More Correct Shaped Spade Grip shape, the addition of more defined charging handle arm detail, correct style hole placement on the reciever, a more correct rivet pattern on the forward portion of the reciever, a beefed up rear sight unit with the addition of a more detailed peep sight option, a more correct charging handle slider and arm stop, still retaining the 2 stage spring action...better interior detail, and a better looking/stronger top cover design....As mentioned, we thought prototype "C" was the final production, but rust never sleeps, and apparently, neither does our metal guy.....Kudos to his tireless efforts to make improvements to an already excellent design...NOTE: The Larger holes on the Barrel Support on Series "G".  It's only 1/4 inch larger, that's only 1/8 on each side of the hole!...but the difference in visual aestetic is a noticable improvement.  The Gun in the pic below is shown with three options:  The upgraded rear sight option; The upgraded top cover option; and the M3 Tripod.....These options will be listed on the M2 Browning Shop......The Top Cover "Button" option, and the rear sight upgrade are both inexpensive, and excellent.


RGC's New M2HB Series "G" at an undisclosed location in Afghaniraq......Nah, just Pennsylvania, USA

Okedoke, The Heart and Soul of any Replica M2HB is the Right Side Plate, and Charging Handle.  OUR Replica M2HB has a Highly Detailed Reciever with Dual Stage Spring Loaded Charging Handle....Also, a Correct Rivet pattern, and proper Castle Nuts for an absolutely convincing appearance.  Note the depth of the cutouts on the Charging Handle Plate, and even the charger arm itself!  Above are Some Close Up Pics of the Right and Left Side Plate, as well as the Dual Stage Spring Loaded Charging Handle Retracted.

ALL STEEL Construction


Standard M2HB Barrel Handles (Not Included) Fit Perfectly

Where Every American Man Wants To Be...Behind a Belt Fed Fifty Caliber Machine Gun

Close Up of the One Half Inch, .50 Caliber Bore

Rear Sight in the "Up" Position, Shown With Optional Peep Sight Insert 

TERRIFIC Interior Detail of the RGC M2HB Replica!

      Ammo Belts Held in Place by a Movable Extractor, Shown in the "Loading" Position

High Level of Detail on the CNC Barrel Support and Barrel Nut

Top view detail of the rear sight folded, with optional peep sight insert, and top cover "Button" option

Replica Full Scale folding ALL STEEL M3 Tripod, with T&E is Also Available

Standard Rear Ladder Sight and Top Cover Sans Button

Close Up of the Top Cover Button Option....Not Neccecary, Just a Bit More For the Fella Who Has Everything

**Optional Genuine WWII Surplus GI American Hardwood Grips....Like the standard surplus bakelite grips, these 70 year old spade handles will have minor nicks, and scratches that only enhance the realism of this already awesome replica.  Limited Quantities.

*OPTIONAL: Rear Sight Peep Insert

...And Yes, Boy's and Girls, It's 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

RGC's M2 Reciever "Centerfold" View

YOUTUBE SLIDE SHOW OF PROTOTYPE G!....Have YouTube on Your TV?........View the Pics on your big screen!

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          Well, more like the "Nuts and bolts" of the situation than brass tacks:  The M2HB and ANM2 by U.S. RGC are all made in the USA, from USA made Plate Steel.  I am very proud of that....We even are using American Made Hardware on them!...As many of you guys know, American Made Hardware isn't easy to find anymore.....Well, I happened on a stash of American Made Hardware!...A bit of serendipity brought me to an old Hardware Store in Pennsylvania.  The store has been in the same location for over 150 years....I was made aware of what they call their "Archive", basically, a part of the storage basement with obsolete hardware.  All old, American Made hardware, and ALL of the nuts and bolts we need for this gun, were present! Of course, the bolts are of the correct slot head design, and anyone who knows me, know that  I HATE PHILLIPS HEAD SCREWS ON REPLICA GUNS!!!.......This Hardware is from LAMSON & SESSIONS, (Of Cleveland OH, Brooklynn NY, & Birmingham AL) and THE AMERICAN SCREW COMPANY, of Providence Rhode Island.  The nuts and bolts have been dated to the late 1960's.  I bought everything they had, and as of July 2016, The Hardware purchased will last us a few years.....

          JUST A NOTE HERE:  I'm pretty sure the guys and gals at the hardware store have never seen a fella soooo happy to buy Stove, can I get excited about hardware?...Well, when it's been waiting for me for half a century, when it's exactly what RGC needs, and when it's MADE IN THE U.S.A.!?!....Yes,....Yes I can get excited.  Is American Made Hardware essential?  Maybe not, but I prefer it that way, and I think you do too.   Anyway, this is just an added bonus for the American Men and Women who appreciate knowing.  BTW, The threads on the bolts are AMAZINGLY true, clean, and precise!  Waaaaay better than ANYTHING Chinese made., and if you are interested, the American Screw Company closed in 1971, and Lamsen stopped making hardware in 1974....I googled it.  :-)  G. Vincent.

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